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Industrial Special Risk

Industrial Special Risk Insurance is designed for larger, more diverse businesses where it is more practical to combine several individual policies into one. So if you have assets over $3 million and a diverse number of locations Industrial Special Risk Insurance can be tailored to meet your specific needs under one policy.

Industrial Special Risks (ISR) insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides comprehensive coverage for businesses against losses or damages resulting from a wide range of perils, such as fire, theft, natural disasters, and other unexpected events.

ISR insurance policies are usually tailored to the specific needs of a business and can provide protection for a wide range of assets, including buildings, machinery, stock, and other physical assets, as well as for business interruption losses.

Corporate Liability

Corporate Liability provides liability insurance solutions for businesses that recognise the value that a sound Quality Assurance system adds to reducing their liability exposure. Corporate Liability provides insurance for most manufacturing risks.

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